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Be wary of your digital identity...

At this time it is increasingly important that you manage and protect your data and information about you online

Here are some steps you should take in order to better protect yourself:

  • Install updates on a regular basis for your device or computer- most will include security patches that help against vulnerabilities found by each manufacturer.
  • Make a password book - Not a word document or notepad or anything else, physically write it down on paper. Password documents can be easily stolen from your device!
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis - Choose at least 4 numbers, 4 letters (at least 1 capital), one symbol for a total of 9 or more, this is a pain but will keep you safer in the long run.
  • Install antivirus - Get the full version - it should do more than the free one. There are now security apps for phones too!
  • Install anti malware - Again, get the full version for real time scanning.
  • Backup your data in at least 2 separate places.



The Programs Listed Below are the ones that we use

(We CANNOT guarantee that they are 100% effective - use your own discretion)